Can Am Loveday¬†400 Can-Am Loveday¬†400
Round 4 - 2022 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship
Round 4 - 2022 Kincrome SXS Motorsport Australia Championship
Round 1 - 2022 Motorsport Australia South Australian Off Road Championship
Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July 2022

Motorsport Australia
Motorsort Australia South Australian Off Road Championship
Competitors   by   Class
     Car     Points
Co-Driver, Navigator
Pro Buggy   -   Buggies with engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Integrity New Homes Limestone Coast
Dean Carter
Dean Carter,  SA
Brad Jacobs,  SA
Razorback Jag007
Chev L98 V8 6000cc
Wimmera Mallee Waste, BRW Electrical, Mallee Motorsport, F45 Mildura
Jake Freckleton
Jake Freckleton,  NSW
Matt Witmitz, 
Thorne Built Wasp
Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Jet Tech Performance
Adam Bierl
Adam Bierl,  SA
Coen Bierl,  SA
Jimo 2000 Series
Chev LS2 6000cc
Enzed Mildura, MPC
Tim Vandenberg
Tim Vandenberg,  NSW
Jason McGlynn,  Vic
SS Racetec Hustler
Holden LS2 V8 6000cc
Elphinstone Mechanical Services
Shane Elphinstone
Shane Elphinstone,  WA
Zane Elphinstone,  WA
Jimco Aussie Special
Nissan VQ35 V6 3500ccTT
Ronco Motors, Ronco Powersports, Element Offroad, Mickey Thompson
Roydn Bailey
Roydn Bailey,  SA
Tyson Warner,  SA
Element Prodigy
Toyota 1UZFE V8 3500ccTT
Mannum Auto Centre, Mickey Thompson, Racer Imports, Nuleaf Organics
Carl Haby
Carl Haby,  SA
Wayne Tabe,  SA
Element Off Road Prodigy
Toyota 1UZFE V8 3500ccTT
Element Offroad Racing Frames, Mannum Auto Centre, Mickey Thompson Tyres
Aaron Haby
Aaron Haby,  SA
Chelsea Haby, Toby Cooper,  SA
Element Off Road Prodigy
Toyota 2GR V6 3500ccTT
GKT Transport, Mickey Thompson Tyres, Proud Race Engines
Garry Turnbull
Garry Turnbull,  SA
Tamara Turnbull,  SA
Jimco Aussie Special
Chev LS V8 6000cc
Regal Concrete, Springfield Park, Advanced Viticulture & Management, Box Head,
Brett Rogers
Brett Rogers,  SA
Brett Richardson,  SA
Rids Race Frame Joker
Chev L98 V8 6000cc
Prolite Buggy   -   Buggies with engines up to 3500cc, naturally aspirated, one or two crew members
SC Tucker Transport, Gulf Western Oils, Southern Cross
Brett Smith
Simon Tucker,  SA
Kyle Tucker,  SA
Southern Cross NextGen
Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc

Danny Tulla
Danny Tulla,  SA
Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
Racer Imports, Racer Apparel, Mickey Thompson, Racetrans, TZee Tuning
Luke Erceg
Luke Erceg,  SA
ECE Honey Badger 2.0
Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
Fury Engines and Automotive, CustomFab65, ICUR Engineering
Alan Dixon
Alan Dixon,  Vic
Jonathan O'Connor,  Vic
Southern Cross/Customfab
Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
Subway, Swan Reach Tyres and Mechanical
Mel Brandle
Mel Brandle,  SA
Liam Brandle,  SA
Alumi Craft Australian
Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
Super 1650 Buggy   -   Buggies with engines not exceeding 1650cc, two crew members
Loveday 4X4 Adventure Park, Mini Pave, P&D Insulation, Edge Auto Solutions
Doug Carthew
Doug Carthew,  SA
Cindy Ball,  SA
Rivmaster SBH Engineered
Nissan CA16 1600cc
PL&KL Corrigan General Builders, Proud Race Engines, Millicent Tyre Centre
Connor Corrigan
Connor Corrigan,  SA
Ryder Taylor, Peter Corrigan,  SA
Toyota 4AGE 1600cc
Extreme 2WD   -   Highly-modified 2WD with engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines

Perry Compton
Perry Compton,  Vic
Cody Compton,  Vic
Holden Colorado
GM LS V8 6000cc
Performance 2WD   -   Modified 2WD with engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Anything Cars Mechanical, Whyalla Excavations, 5pm Motor Sports
Andrew Maxwell
Andy Maxwell,  SA
Michael Puddy, Jackson Brown,  SA
Ford Falcon
Ford Windsor 5600cc
Diverse Transport Fabrications, Automatics Of Marion, Diverse Paint & Restoratin
Trent Gravestock
Trent Gravestock,  SA
Daniel White, Tyson Proud,  SA
Ford F100
Chev LS98 V8 6000cc
Anything Cars, Falken Tyres, Whyalla Tyres and Suspension, Whyalla Excavations
Chris Pickert
Chris Pickert,  SA
Bryan Brown,Geoff Pickert,  SA
Mitsubishi Triton
Holden LS1 V8 5700cc
SXS Turbo   -   Off Road recreational vehicles (e.g Polaris, Can-Am) with a Super / Turbo charged engine capacity not exceeding 2050cc
Ronco Motors, Loveday 4X4 Adventure Park
Grant Winter
Grant Winter,  SA
Taya Peek,  SA
Can-Am X3
Can-Am X3 900ccT
Can-Am, SBH Engineering, Lightforce, Loveday 4x4 Park, Offroading Online
Toby Whateley
Toby Whateley,  SA
Simon Herrmann,  SA
Can-Am Maverick X3
Can-Am Rotax 900ccT
Ronco Powersports, Ronco Motors, SBH Engineering, Desert SpeedLab
Roydn Bailey
Lachlan Bailey,  SA
Hannah Bailey,  SA
Can-Am Maverick X RC
Rotax ACE 900 900ccT
Loveday 4x4 Park, Ronco motor's, Shauns Mobile Mechanic, Mannum Autoparts
Geoff Brennan
Geoff Brennan,  SA
Brett Beaty,  SA
Can-Am X3
Can-Am BRP 900ccT
Cabinet Systems, D&D Mechanical & 4wd, Ronco Powersports, SBH Engineering
Ben Fatchen
Ben Fatchen,  SA
Nick Price,  SA
Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS
Rotax ACE 900ccT
Tumby Sand Mine, Jamalka Feedlot
Ben McNamara
Ben McNamara,  SA
Wayne Pascoe,  SA
Can-Am Maverick X3
Can-Am Rotax ACE 900ccT
Paint Tech SA
Peter Rossi
Peter Rossi,  SA
Jackson Rossi, Michael Shipton,  SA
Can-Am Maverick X3
Can-Am Rotax 899ccT
Gadaleta Steel Fabrication
Sam Gadaleta
Joel Gadaleta,  SA
Charlie Mieglich,  SA
Can-Am Maverick X3
Rotax ACE 900ccT
Gadaleta Steel Fabrication
Sam Gadaleta
Robbie Gadaleta,  SA
Blair Johns,  SA
Can-Am Maverick X3
Rotax ACE 900ccT
SBH Engineering
Thomas Hicks
Tom Hicks,  SA
Lachlan Rochfort,  SA
Can-Am Maverick XRC
Can-Am 900ccT
Sportslite   -   Buggy or Extreme 2WD with a engine capacity for naturally aspirated engines to a maximum of 2500cc or forced induction engines to a maximum capacity (swept volume) of 1600c
Scooters and Mobility Adelaide, SBH Engineering, Mickes Shock Shop
David Adams
David Adams,  SA
Desert Rat DR1
Honda K24 2400cc

Matt Ridley
Matt Ridley,  SA
Rids Race Frame Joker
Honda CBR 1100cc

    Total number of competitors   =   33

        A   =   AORC         B   =   AORC & SAORC         S   =   SAORC (8 laps)
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