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Round 6 - 2018 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Round 2 - 2018 Element Off Road AORRA SA Off Road Racing Championship
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September 2018

ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
     Car     Points
Co-Driver, Navigator
Vehicle,   Engine
Unlimited   -   Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Tyler Owen,  Vic
Oliver Stephens,  Vic
Alumi Craft Australian,   Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Owen Build, Cob & Co Recyclers, Owen Truss
Andy Brown,  Vic
Mark Sedran,  Vic
Saber,   Nissan VK56 V8 6000cc
Milwaukee Tools, ARB 4x4 Accessories, Mickey Thompson, PWR, Castrol
Todd Lehmann,  SA
Aaron Bermingham, Ben Reynolds,  SA
Bullet,   Chev LS1 V8 5700cc
Robe Earthmovers, Fennel Forestry, Robe Diesel, Millicent Beaurepairs
Class 1   -   Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and naturally aspirated engines not exceeding 3500c
David Middlemiss,  Vic
Dwayne Andrews,  Vic
Cougar,   Nissan VQ35DE 3500cc
Greg Slade Cartage Contracting, Stamford Tyres Ballarat, Revtoy Transport
Brent Martin,  Vic
Jimmy Boyle, Hannah McDonald,  Vic
Jimco Aussie Spec 2000,   Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
Netafim, Ron Milton Competition Engines, Dean Williams Engineering
Cameron McClelland,  Vic
Kane Louttit,  Vic
Rimco,   Nissan VQ35DE V6 3500cc
McClelland Contract Harvesting
Brett Smith,  WA
Bob Strawbridge, Deanna Smith,  SA
Southern Cross Next Gen,   Nissan 350Z V6 3500cc
Johnson Performance Centre, Southern Cross Racing Frames
Lindsay Foster,  SA
Aaron Cole,Gail Foster,Pete Vorwerk,  SA
Jimco 2000 Series,   Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
Sunhill Bulk Transport, RC Hobby Zone, Sprint Freight & Logistics
Class 2   -   Buggies and Truggies with two crew members and an engine capacity not exceeding 1650cc.
Daniel Wells,  Vic
Luc Price,  Vic
Bunderson Off Road,   Toyota 4AGE20V 1600cc
Glendaren Auto Panels, Intense Industries Australia, PMD Race Products, Hertz
Rhett Standen,  NSW
Ben Langford,  NSW
Hunter Rivmasta,   Toyota 4AGE 1600cc
JJ Farm Equipment, Empire Motorsports, F&R McNabb Caltex, Deans Auto Electrical
Aaron Heemskerk,  SA
Jake Douglass,  SA
Dune Buggy Co,   Toyota 4AGE 20V 1600cc
GT Bobcat, Heemskerk Security, Proud Race Engines, Ausweld
Tyson Proud,  SA
Chris Proud,  SA
Proud Motorsport Tyrant,   Toyota 4AGE 20V 1649cc
Proud Race Engines, Chris Proud Services, Diverse Transport Fabrication, Tzee
Dale Standen,  NSW
Josh Lyell,  NSW
Hunter Rivmasta,   Toyota 4AGE 1600cc
Melbergen Farming, F&R McNabb Caltex
Class 4   -   Wild 2WD with one or two crew members and an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Paul Grant,  NSW
Mark Grant,  NSW
Desert Dynamic TT,   Ford Windsor V8 5999cc
Number One Engineering P/L
Greg Gartner,  SA
Jamie Jennings,  SA
Ford F150,   Ford SVO V8 6000cc
Craig Carrison Race Engines, Toyo Tires, CJM Attachments, Glenroy Plains Produce
Damien Nicol,  Vic
Cameron Percy,  Vic
Nicol Offroad TT,   Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Niflex Engineering, Nulon Oil, Elite Cars & Trucks, Mickey Thompson Tires
Darren Mott,  Vic
Bailee and Teale Mott,  Vic
Bennett Truck Rodeo,   Chev LS1 V8 5700cc
Fury Automotive, Darsan Farms, Motorhouse Mildura, Mickey Thompson Tyres
John Smith,  SA
Grant Manion,  SA
Smith & Sons NissanTT Mk1,   Nissan RB30 3000ccT
Gawler Bodyworks, Platinum Ag Services, Gawler Automatics
Class 5   -   Modified 2WD vehicles with one or two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Stephen Watkins,  Tas
Shannon Jennings,  Vic
Toyota Tacoma,   Chev LS1 V8 5700cc
Watkins Automotive, Penstone Smash Repairs
Bernie Clohesy,  Vic
Stuart Amos,  Vic
Mitsubishi Triton,   Chev L98 V8 6000cc
Mallee Printers, G&K Repairs, Staceys Auto, Advanced Engine Dynamics
Chris Pickert,  SA
Bryan Brown, Andy Maxwell,  SA
Mitsubishi Triton,   Holden LS1 V8 5700cc
Anything Cars, Falken Tyres, Whyalla 4WD Tyre and Service Centre, Wyalla Excavat
Class 6   -   Super PRV having an engine capacity (inclusive of any turbo/supercharging) not less than 1201cc and not exceeding 2050cc.
David (Red) Loughnan,  Qld
Jake Stevenson, Ian Terry,  Qld
Can-Am Maverick X3,   Rotax Turbo 900ccT
Precision Terrain Solutions
Scott Tymkin,  Vic
Matt Dillon,  Vic
Cam-Am Maverick X3 XRS,   Rotax ACE 900ccT
Darmac Ag, Can-Am, Enkipools, Paul R Productions
Adam Bierl,  SA
Nyree Burmingham,  SA
Can-Am X3 XRS,   Rotax 900ccT
Jet Tech Performance, Melbourne Seadoo, BRP, Rev Range Compon
Brett Harris,  Vic
James Saunders,  Vic
Can-Am Maverick,   BRP Rotax 900ccT
South East Marine Naracoorte SA
Class 7   -   Stock 4WD vehicles with two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Jason Keane,  Qld
Darren & Steven Orr,  Qld
Jeep Wrangler JK,   Jeep Pentastar 3600cc
JK Automotive, Chapmans Auto Repairs, Speedline Race Engines
Jason Forssman,  Vic
Del Palmer,  Vic
Nissan Patrol,   Nissan TB42 4200cc
#oricom4x4motorsport #oricom #oricomuhf #rycofilters4x4motorsport
Heath Weedon,  SA
Michelle Weedon,  SA
Nissan Patrol,   Nissan TB48 4800cc
Weedon Springs Boarding Kennel
Class 8   -   Super 4WD with an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Owen Ward,  Vic
Daniel Harris, Curtis Laidlaw,  Vic
Nissan Navara D40,   Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Mickey Thompson Tires, OP Wards Property Services, G&S Tyres, King Shocks
Luke Hall,  Vic
Scott Sage,  Vic
Nissan Patrol,   Chev LS V8 5700cc
John Alfred,  Vic
Brett Salau-Foster,  Vic
Nissan GQ Patrol,   Nissan TB42 4200cc
Aus4WD, Aus Sticker and Sign, Hayden Walsh, Thumper Auto Elec
James Tyrrell,  Vic
Rhys Elliott,  Vic
Nissan Patrol,   Chev LS1 V8 5700cc
DJT Media, PFS Property Maintenance, Cavehill Engine Service
Class 10   -   Buggies, and Truggies with one or two crew members and a naturally aspirated engine not exceeding 2500c
Travis Conrad,  Vic
Viv Rockliff,  Vic
Southern Cross Mk 5,   Honda K24 2400cc
TKC Engineering, Samba Metal Works, Racer Imports, Quality Metal Solutions
Dean Meginley,  NSW
Dean Demarco,  NSW
Tatum,   Honda K24 2400cc
Deans Auto Electrical, F&R McNabb Caltex Griffith, Racetrans, Ashlee Alexis Rily
Chris (Tiny) Boon,  Tas
Frontline MS TinyBuilt,   Suzuki GSX1340R 1340cc
Frontline Motorsport, Frontline Motor Cycles, Spreton Engineer, Pro Trac, Maxima

    Total number of competitors   =   35

        A   =   ARB         S   =   Element AORRA SA Champ         B   =   ARB & Element AORRA SA Champ
        D   =   No Points - All Laps        
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