Albins ARB Goondiwindi 400 Pooncarie ARB Desert Dash
Round 1 – 2021 ARB Australian Off road Racing Championship
Round 1 – 2021 Race Wheels Australia AORRA New South Wales Off Road Racing Championship
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021

Section 1Section 2 Total
Pos   Car   Points
Co-Driver, Navigator
Vehicle, Engine
Lap 1 (Allowance)
Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 (Allowance)
Laps Total Time
Unlimited   -   Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Aaron Haby,  SA
Liz Haby, Wayne Tabe,  SA
Element Off Road, Mannu Auto Centre, Mickey Thompson Tyres, Racer Imports
Element Off Road Prodigy, Toyota 2GR 3500ccTT
00:58:09.364 00:57:08.91400:56:59.48501:03:53.415 403:56:11.178
Andy Brown,  Vic
Daniel Hardman,  Vic
Milwaukee Tools, ARB 4x4 Accessories, PWR,
Alumi Craft, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:02:52.199 01:02:47.00801:02:04.41901:02:59.549 404:10:43.175
Glenn McIntyre,  Vic
Bradley Harvey, Lachlan McIntyre,  Vic
GA & PE McIntyre Pty Ltd, Kitchen Perfection, Brads Produce, GR & ER Harvey
PMR 03, Nissan VQ30DETT 3000ccTT
01:05:41.966 01:05:51.94601:12:21.90501:07:54.382 404:31:50.199
Jake Freckleton,  NSW
Peter Luckraft,  NSW
Wimmera Mallee Waste, BRW Electrical, UBS Building Solutions, Berri Diesel
Thorne Built Wasp, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:11:29.357 01:09:25.96101:09:27.00501:09:11.948 404:39:34.271
Craig Barnett,  NSW
Doug Barnett,  NSW
Cougar Mining Group, Australian Mining Equipment, CH4 Drilling
Southern Cross Mark 6, Chev LS2 V8 5967cc
01:10:12.649 01:11:18.96201:09:58.72401:09:17.574 404:40:47.909
Michael Marson,  Qld
Chris Colborne,  Qld
JB Automotive, Marks 4WD Adaptors, Peak Lighting, Racer Engineering, Chapmans
Racer Engineering Carbon, Ford Windsor V8 6000cc
01:17:42.273 01:10:26.67201:11:59.87201:07:37.077 404:47:45.894
Jason Noonan,  NSW
Salvatore Sapuppo,  NSW

Jimco Aussie Special, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:02:39.161 01:23:32.29801:10:03.13401:12:55.185 404:49:09.778
Clayton Chapman,  Qld
Adam McGuire,  Qld
Chapmans Dyno Tuning, Mickey Thompson Tyres Penrite Oils, Links Engine Managemen
Razorback, Toyota 2JZ 3000ccT
00:58:29.701 00:57:26.26501:00:40.43002:06:38.398 405:03:14.794
Andrew Murdock,  SA
Ben Rickaby,  SA
Murdock Partners, Proud Race Engines
Element Off Road Prodigy, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:02:47.669 01:02:18.64801:02:25.784DNF 303:07:32.101
Craig Martin,  Vic
Ben Dawson,  Vic

Alpha, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:02:18.633 01:03:00.84401:02:24.933DNF Engine 303:07:44.410
Dean Carter,  SA
Bradley (BJ) Jacobs,  SA
Integrity New Homes Limestone Coast
Chenowth Millennium 2, Chev L98 V8 6000cc
01:03:50.999 01:04:14.24901:03:35.313DNF HitTree 303:11:40.561
Nathan Monk,  Vic
Daniel Monk,  Vic
Monk Resource Management
Jimco Aussie Special, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:10:19.600 01:11:07.66701:39:36.359DNF 304:01:03.626
Chris Martin,  Vic
Zac Martin,  Vic
Murray Mott Leatherworks
Feral Gen 1, Chev LS1 V8 5981cc
01:06:45.448 01:07:03.070DNF Engine 202:13:48.518
Tim Vandenberg,  NSW
Nathan Falvo,  NSW

SS Racetec Hustler, Holden LS2 V8 6000cc
01:05:59.216 01:20:46.953DNF Engine 202:26:46.169
Talbot Cox,  Qld
Craig King,  Qld
Tropic Petroleum
Racer Engineering Carbon, Toyota V8 5600cc
00:59:51.358 DNF Engine 100:59:51.358
Carl Haby,  SA
Ashley Reichstein, Brenton Gallasch,  SA
Mannum Auto Centre, Mickey Thompson, Racer Imports, Nuleaf Organics
Element Off Road Prodigy, Nissan VK56DCE 6000cc
01:01:47.931 DNF 101:01:47.931
Marty Scott,  Vic
Alison Scott,  Vic

Scott Avenger, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:06:47.688 DNF Wheel 101:06:47.688
Kevin Howitt,  Vic
Brendan Williams,  Vic

Erceg Custom Eng Matrix, Toyota Lexus 4200cc
01:16:24.108 DNF Clutch 101:16:24.108
John Hederics,  NSW
Toby Hederics,  NSW
Mototech, Wolfchester, Decentralised Demountables
Jimco Champ, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500ccTT
Danny Brown,  Vic
George Apted,  Vic
Milwaukee Tools, ARB 4X4 Accessories, PWR, Toyo Tires
Alumi Craft, Nissan VR38 3500ccTT
Josh Wilson,  NSW
Andy Panton,  Vic
Decentralised Demountables, Milton Racing Engines, Visattach, Riverina Allweld
GET Perform Carbon Series, Milton Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
DNF GearBox  DNS  
Todd Lehmann,  SA
Aaron Bermingham,  SA
Robe Earthmovers, Robe Diesel Service, Fennell Forestry, Millicent Beaurepairs
Jimco, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Stopped DNF Electric  
Aaron James,  NSW
Force Metal Fabrications, Jamesprint
Alumi Craft, Ford Ecoboost V6 3500ccTT
DNF FuelPmp  DNS  
Class 1   -   Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and naturally aspirated engines not exceeding 3500c
Robert Plant,  Vic
Ryan Burr,  Vic
Fury Engines, Jamesprint Motorsport, Force Fabrications, Milner Fabrications
Jimco 2000 Series, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
00:59:08.357 00:58:44.98700:58:10.73700:59:56.376 403:56:00.457
Brent Martin,  Vic
Andre De Simone,  Vic
DSV Refrigeration and Cooling, Albins, Ron Milton Competition Engines
Jimco Aussie Spec 2000, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
01:00:49.435 01:00:00.14900:59:07.31101:01:44.611 404:01:41.506
Dale Martin,  Vic
Adrian Rowe,  Vic
DSV Air Conditioning, Albins, BF Goodrich, Ron Milton Competition Engines
Tatum, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
01:01:49.149 01:01:43.84001:01:15.45601:02:49.487 404:07:37.932
Jason Richards,  NSW
Kristy Richards, Steven (Bowie) Gra,  NSW
Richards Farming, BN Proud, Caltex
Chenowth Millennium, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
01:00:27.884 01:10:30.14501:03:37.30201:06:16.339(00:04:47.000)
Stop Assist
Stephen Burrows,  Vic
Vanessa Burrows,  Vic
Fury Automotive, Swan Hill Dyno Tune, Monk Fabrication
MBR Jimco 2000 Series, Nissan VQ35 V6 3498cc
01:09:25.412 01:11:46.94301:10:17.01701:09:26.398 404:40:55.770
Glenn Collis,  NSW
Alex Forster,  NSW
Lube Alloy, Rice Bowl Hotel
Rimco, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
01:11:12.590 01:10:51.55001:10:18.64901:12:24.928 404:44:47.717
Brett Plant,  Vic
Paul Walsh, Mel Plant,  Vic
Fury Engines, Carline Mufflers Mildura, Milner Fabrications, Troy Francis Plumbg
Southern Cross Mk 5, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
Jeff Cripps,  NSW
Laurence Cripps,  NSW
Trakka Motorhomes, The Motorhome Doctor, Rustic Event Hire
Bunderson Off Road, Chev Scat V4 3300cc
Stop GearBox  DNS  
Alan Dixon,  Vic
Deanne Armstrong, Joe Brigante,  Vic
Fury Engines and Automotive, CustomFab65, ICUR Engineering
Southern Cross/Customfab, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
DNF Engine  DNS  
Class 2   -   Buggies and Truggies with two crew members and an engine capacity not exceeding 1650cc.
Rhett Standen,  NSW
Ben Langford,  NSW
F&R McNabb Caltex, JJ Farm Equipment, Deans Auto Electrical
Hunter Rivmasta, Toyota 4AGE 1600cc
01:11:09.130 01:14:02.05901:14:28.003DNF 303:39:39.192
Class 4   -   Wild 2WD with one or two crew members and an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Michael Denham,  NSW
Jake Denham, Daniel Adam,  NSW
Trans Vent Spiral Tubing, CMP Manufacturing, MickleFab
MickleFab Raptor TT, Chev Gen2 V8 5997cc
01:04:12.330 01:04:55.21601:04:18.23701:03:21.827 404:16:47.610
David Towers,  NSW
Glen Towers, Gary Hardie,  NSW
Falken Tires, Alantic OIls, towers Bulk Haulage, Brenthel Industries
Brenthel Industries TT, Ford Barra 3500ccT
01:09:01.436 01:11:04.83901:11:12.60401:20:34.822 404:51:53.701
Paul Grant,  NSW
Fay Grant,  NSW
Number One Engineering Pty Ltd
Desert Dynamic Trophy Trk, Ford Windsor V8 6000cc
01:14:09.922 01:12:49.43601:14:06.70801:13:58.669 404:55:04.735
John (Doc) Smith,  SA
Grant Manion,  SA
Gawler Bodyworks, Gawler Automatics, Zoom Recruitment Moto Development
Smith & Sons NissanTT Mk1, Nissan RB30 3000ccT
02:13:32.494 01:17:24.59101:20:24.60701:13:46.140 406:05:07.832
Mark-Paul Grant,  NSW
Michelle Roberts, Fay Grant,  NSW
Number One Engineering
Oz Truck Raptor, Ford Windsor V8 5999cc
01:14:27.589 DNF OilPress 101:14:27.589
Peter Sibson,  Vic
Dee Sibson,  Vic
Warragul Machining & Mechanical, Mickey Thompson, Donaldson Air Filtration, ARB
Richard Bennett P1 TT, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Mark Foster,  Vic
Taryn Foster,  Vic
Warragul Machining and Mechanical Repairs, Samba Metal Works, Phoenix Lubric
Toyota Tecoma, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Mick Magher,  Vic
Johnny O'Connor,  Vic
BF Goodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, TLC Concreting Vic
TSCO Aussic Spec TT, Dougans Chev 6000cc
Class 5   -   Modified 2WD vehicles with one or two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Darran Vanderwoude,  SA
Amelia Vanderwoude,  SA
River Murray Auto Wreckers, Sprint Freight & Logistics, Mickey Thompson Tires
Holden Colorado, Holden L98 V8 6000cc
01:10:59.927  DNS 101:10:59.927
Class 6   -   Super PRV having an engine capacity (inclusive of any turbo/supercharging) not less than 1201cc and not exceeding 2050cc.
Darren Frankling,  Vic
Rob Hackney,  Vic
Frankling Custon Feeds Pty Ltd
Can-Am Maveric X3RS, Rotax 3 Cyl 900ccT
01:16:43.968 01:16:09.60501:17:57.82801:20:37.848 405:11:29.249
Simon Gubbins,  Vic
Evan Kershaw,  Vic
Header Fronts Australia
Can-Am Maverick X3, Rotax 900ccT
01:23:16.956 01:16:50.70601:13:55.48301:29:52.425 405:23:55.570
Robert Gussenhoven,  Vic
Wayne Donnelly,  Vic
Darmac Ag, Empire Signs, SJS Haulage, Hyperlift Industria, Wallan Tyre Cen
Can-Am X3, Can-Am Rotax 1000ccT
01:30:37.289 01:17:32.11001:21:43.51001:27:35.089 405:37:27.998
Lachlan Turley,  NSW
Kerry Turley,  NSW
BFGoodrich, Monster Seal, Supercharge Batteries, Discount Tyres
Can-Am X3 RS, Can-Am 900ccT
01:20:30.486 01:18:44.42001:48:02.997DNF Mechanic 304:27:17.903
Ben Lugg,  Vic
Brody & Tim Bower,  Vic
Bower Excavations, Lugg Fabrication, Southern Cross Trade Group
Can-Am Maverick X3RS, Rotax Ace 900ccT
01:11:43.650 01:12:38.053DNF SwingArm 202:24:21.703
Glenn Pike,  Vic
Darryn Conn, Natalie Pike,  Vic

Can-Am Maverick X3, Rotax ACE 900ccT
01:08:17.649  DNS 101:08:17.649
Darren Marks,  Vic
Gary Bahr,  Vic
North West Grader Hire P/L, Millewa Quarries
Polaris, Polaris Prostar 1000ccT
DNF 01:47:49.297DNF 101:47:49.297
Phil Lovett,  NSW
Luke Stanley,  NSW
Self, BRP, Can-Am, Lovetts Earthmoving, Hunter Valley Motorsport, KTM
Can-Am Maverick, Can-Am VTwin 996ccT
01:58:34.029 DNF 101:58:34.029
Class 7   -   Stock 4WD vehicles with two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Heath Weedon,  SA
Michelle Weedon,  SA
Weedon Springs Boarding Kennel,PMD Race Products
Nissan Patrol, Nissan TB48 4800cc
01:19:40.462 01:20:36.41201:24:24.75501:31:24.072 405:36:05.701
Jason Forssman,  Vic
Del Pamler,  Vic
#ngk4x4motorsport #ntksensors #ngksparkplugs #ngk #ntk #rycofilters
Nissan Patrol, Nissan TB42 4200cc
01:28:54.602 01:33:30.22701:40:50.58001:37:35.111 406:20:50.520
James Markham,  Vic
Jacqueline Prior,  Vic
Geelong Carburetors, Bulk Material Group
Nissan Patrol, Nissan TB42 4200c
01:26:42.742 01:27:48.289DNF 202:54:31.031
Class 8   -   Super 4WD with an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Mick Baxter,  NSW
Ian (Eggie) Edgell,  NSW
Merino Engineering, Namiiss Gauge & Control, The Gauge Shop, Singleton Exhaust
Nissan Patrol, Chev LS1 V8 6000cc
01:20:55.531 02:04:34.07101:58:22.67301:26:59.029 406:50:51.304
Owen Ward,  Vic
Curtis Laidlaw,  Vic
Mickey Thompson Tyres, OP Wards Property Services, G&S Tyres
Nissan Navara D40, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
DNF Diff 01:19:06.70801:26:29.983DNF 202:45:36.691
Sandy Bowman,  Vic
Ben Thompson,  Vic
Aus4WD, Mickey Thompson Tyres, Wholesale Automatics, ARB
Nissan GQ, Nissan L98 6000cc
DNS 01:10:48.795DNF Exhaust 101:10:48.795
Class 66   -   Super PRV (e.g Polaris, Can-Am) with two crew members and a naturally aspirated engine not exceeding 1200cc
Matt Lavis,  NSW
Andrew Dance,  NSW

Yamaha YXZ1000R, Yamaha 1000cc
01:35:26.680 02:35:15.09601:24:59.552NotRestartig 305:35:41.328
Class 10   -   Buggies, and Truggies with one or two crew members and a naturally aspirated engine not exceeding 2500c
Daniel Wells,  Vic
Glendaren Auto Panels, Intense Industries Australia, PMD Race Products, Hertz
Tatum Aussie Spec, Honda F20 2000cc
01:01:27.652 01:02:05.58901:01:54.63801:03:00.141 404:08:28.020
Dean Meginley,  NSW
Jay Mitchell, Sam Richards,  NSW
Deans Auto Electrical, Ashlee Alexis Rily, F&R McNabb Caltex Griffith
Tatum, Honda K24 2400cc
01:04:31.479 01:05:55.72001:04:12.72501:13:45.498 404:28:25.422
Dale Standen,  NSW
Ashlee Meginley,  NSW
Melbergen Farming, F&R McNabb
PPR, Nissan SR20 2000cc
Stop Assist
01:11:46.19401:25:52.198DNF Engine 303:47:10.967
Travis Conrad,  Vic
Viv Rockliff,  Vic
TKC Engineering, Samba Metal Works, Racer Imports, Quality Metal Solutions
Southern Cross Mk 5, Honda K24 2400cc
01:06:52.457 01:07:13.387DNF 202:14:05.844
Karl Power,  NSW
Sharni & Tess Power,  NSW
Guidolin Agrimac, Coatsworth Harvesting
Tatum, Honda 1600cc
01:08:06.739  DNS 101:08:06.739
Tanner James,  Vic
Jamesprint, Shane Wilson Race Engines
Alumi Craft Aussie Spec, GM 2400cc
01:14:23.343  DNS 101:14:23.343
Joshua Gaskin,  Vic
Lee O'Grady,  Vic
Josh Gaskin Plumbing
BME Hornet, Nissan SR20VE 2000cc
01:22:42.042 DNF Unwell 101:22:42.042
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