ARB Big Desert 480 ARB Big Desert 480
Round 1 – 2022 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April 2022

Section 1Section 2 Total
Pos   Car   Points
Co-Driver, Navigator
Vehicle, Engine
Lap 1 Lap 2 (Allowance)
Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Laps Total Time
Unlimited   -   Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Danny Brown,  Vic
George Apted,  Vic
Milwaukee Tools, ARB 4X4 Accessories, PWR
Alumi Craft, Nissan VR38 V6 3500ccTT
00:42:33.97700:42:47.711 00:47:00.66800:43:00.93300:42:50.75400:43:27.597604:21:41.640
Brad Chasemore,  Vic
Jay Hare, James (Pup) Tyrrell,  Vic
Hare Mechanical Services, Chasemore Heavy Haulage, QMS, Glendaren Auto Panels
Jimco Aussie Special, Chev L98 V8 6000cc
00:43:12.49400:45:01.943 00:44:29.14400:44:55.71100:44:47.82500:45:18.958604:27:46.075
Craig Barnett,  NSW
Megan Devlin, Doug Barnett,  NSW
Cougar Mining Group, Australian Mining Equipment, CH4 Drilling
Southern Cross Mark 6, Chev LS2 V8 5967cc
00:48:21.67900:48:52.750 00:48:39.54000:48:43.37500:52:02.88200:53:48.890605:00:29.116
Marty Scott,  Vic
Alison Scott,  Vic

Scott Avenger, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
01:03:54.95200:50:12.442 00:51:06.03500:52:07.68900:51:33.99000:53:06.852605:22:01.960
Tony Carabott,  Vic
James Carabott,  Vic
Penhall Fabrication, Flowcraft Race Engines, Mickey Thompson, King Shocks Aus
Penhall Aussie Pro Diablo, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
00:50:20.95300:51:53.654 00:52:29.34600:56:27.783DNS Engine403:31:11.736
Jake Freckleton,  NSW
Toby Hederics,  NSW
Wimmera Mallee Waste, BRW Electrical, F45 Mildura, Mallee Motorsport, UBS Build
Thorne Built Wasp, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Stop Assist
DNF CV201:32:34.144
William Rotaru,  Vic
Emily Watemans,  Vic

Stingray, Mazda B6T 1600ccT
Stop Assist
DNF GearBox202:01:59.326
Aaron James,  NSW
Jamesprint, King Shocks, Shane Wilson Race Engines, Force Metal Fabrications
Alumi Craft, Ford Ecoboost V6 3500ccTT
00:44:47.561DNF Turbo  DNS100:44:47.561
Aaron Haby,  SA
Liz Haby, Wayne Tabe,  SA
Element Off Road, Mannum Auto Centre, Mickey Thompson Tyres, Racer Imports
Element Off Road Prodigy, Toyota 2GR V6 3500ccTT
02:21:22.035DNF PwSteer  DNS102:21:22.035
Glenn McIntyre,  Vic
Bradley Harvey, Lachlan McIntyre,  Vic
GA & PE McIntyre Pty Ltd, Brads Produce, GR & ER Harvey
PMR 03, Nissan VQ30DETT 3000ccTT
DNF Turbo  DNS 
Andy Brown,  Vic
Danny McConville,  Vic
ARB 4x4 Accessories, PWR, Milwaukee Tools, Mickey Thompson Tires
Alumi Craft, Nissan VK56 V8 6000cc
DNF Engine  DNS 
Kevin Howitt,  Vic
Brendan Williams,  Vic

Erceg Custom Eng Matrix, Toyota Lexus 4200cc
Trees  DNS 
Glenn Spizzo,  NSW
Doug Cupitt,  NSW

MickleFab HRT, Toyota 2GR-FZE 3500ccSC
Class 1   -   Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and naturally aspirated engines not exceeding 3500c
Brent Martin,  Vic
Andre De Simone,  Vic
DSV Refrigeration and Cooling, Albins, Ron Milton Competition Engines
Jimco Aussie Spec 2000, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
00:42:12.21000:42:23.391 00:46:15.94500:42:06.32600:43:27.47900:44:18.962604:20:44.313
Jason (Richo) Richards,  NSW
Charlotte Richards,  NSW
Richards Farming, BN Proud, Caltex
Chenowth Millennium, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
00:42:59.24400:43:17.876 00:44:40.85800:44:19.97000:45:07.88100:45:20.584604:25:46.413
David Middlemiss,  Vic
Alice & Ian Middlemiss,  Vic
Greg Slade Cartage Contracting
Cougar, Nissan VQ35DE 3500cc
00:48:41.80400:48:57.583 00:51:05.42300:49:48.49900:52:09.90100:58:11.568605:08:54.778
Laurence Cripps,  NSW
Jeff Cripps,  NSW
Trakka Motorhomes, The Motorhome Doctor, Rustic Event Hire, Cripps Motorsport
Bunderson 2000, Scat Chev V4 3300cc
01:01:23.77200:57:01.283 00:55:40.32500:55:31.85600:57:26.73200:56:53.340605:43:57.308
Darren Marks,  Vic
Gary Bahr,  Vic
North West Grader Hire Pty Ltd, Millewa Quarries
JT Lustrum, Nissan VQ35 3500cc
Stop Assist
Dale Martin,  Vic
Adrian Rowe,  Vic
Ron Milton Competition Engines, Wide Open Construction
Tatum, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
00:42:41.12300:42:30.619 02:36:31.360DNF Fuel304:01:43.102
Neil Pendlebury,  Vic
Ian McDonald,  Vic

Jimco 2000 Series, Nissan VQ35DE 3500cc
00:51:09.672DNF FntEnd  DNS100:51:09.672
Matthew Burrows,  Vic
Jay Mitchell,  NSW
Edmonds Engineering, Albins, Castrol, Max Burrows Bulk Haulage
MBR Jimco Aussie Spec, HoldenAlloytech V6 3498cc
00:54:44.002DNF OilLeak DNF Misfire100:54:44.002
Class 2   -   Buggies and Truggies with two crew members and an engine capacity not exceeding 1650cc.
Brock Pendlebury,  Vic
Nigel Pendlebury,  Vic
Quality Metal Solutions, Dean Williams Automotive, Trik Off Road
BillMans Enterpriz Hornet, Toyota BlackTop20V 1600cc
00:55:54.97200:58:49.680 01:01:37.70901:02:18.62301:02:19.04601:00:52.834606:01:52.864
Simon Tucker,  SA
Lucy Tucker,  SA
SC Tucker Transport, Gulf Western Oils
Tickner Ratbagz Mark 1, Toyota 4AGE 20V 1587cc
00:50:59.629DNF  DNS100:50:59.629
Peter Stevenson,  Vic
Jake Stevenson,  Vic
Mickey Thompson Tyres, Abstec Calibrations, Dean Williams Engineering
Hunter Rivmaster, Toyota 4AG 20V 1600cc
Andrew Forssman,  Vic
Thomas Forssman,  Vic
Revolution Power Solutions, Forssman Motorsport, Kersh Fab, Cabinetmakers Choice
Custom Built, Datsun L16 1600cc
Class 3   -   Buggies with two crew members and an engines not exceeding 1330cc
Sean Dow,  Vic
Geoff Dow,  Vic
Stainless Solutions
Condow Engineer Marauder, Suzuki GSX 1300R 1299cc
01:06:51.903DNF  DNS101:06:51.903
Class 4   -   Wild 2WD with one or two crew members and an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Peter Sibson,  Vic
Dee Sibson, Greg Barker,  Vic
Warragul Machining & Mechanical, Donaldson Air Filtration, ARB Warragul
Richard Bennett P1 TT, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
00:46:39.47700:46:43.887 01:10:13.95100:52:34.54900:47:25.30300:48:33.124605:12:10.291
John (Doc) Smith,  SA
Grant Manion,  SA
Gawler Bodyworks, Gawler Automatics, Zoom Recruitment, Hepcon Building Found
Smith & Sons NissanTT Mk1, Nissan RB30 3000ccT
00:51:42.56400:55:45.489 01:01:42.49700:54:46.80200:57:15.56100:59:04.940605:40:17.853
Darren Mott,  Vic
Connor Rogers,  Vic
Fury Automotive, Darsan Farms, Motorhouse Mildura, Mickey Thompson Tyres
Bennett Truck Rodeo, Chev LS1 V8 5700cc
00:52:04.18001:05:59.653 00:55:31.97700:54:11.85101:07:37.87601:00:52.831605:56:18.368
Jason Forssman,  Vic
Del Palmer,  Vic
Ryco, Repco, NGK, Karcher, Castrol, Gates, DBA, Mickey Thompson, AA Gaskets
Chevrolet Silverado, GM LS2 V8 6000cc
01:15:42.40401:37:54.086 01:03:24.98201:08:04.61701:04:08.10101:06:00.379607:15:14.569
Paul Grant,  NSW
Mark & Fay Grant,  NSW
Number One Engineering Pty Ltd
Desert Dynamic Trophy Trk, Ford Windsor V8 6000cc
00:57:59.57001:04:35.942 DNF Engine202:02:35.512
David Towers,  NSW
Glen Towers, Ryan Retton-Howe,  NSW
Falken Tires, Stellatec, Atlantic Oils, Towers Bulk Haulage, Brenthel Industries
Brenthel Industries TT, Ford Barra 3500ccT
01:25:25.310DNF  DNS101:25:25.310
Mark Foster,  Vic
Taryn Foster, Cameron Polan,  Vic
M Foster Earthmoving, Samba Metal Works, Warragul Machining and Mechanical Rep
Toyota Tecoma, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
Michael Denham,  NSW
Jake Denham, Daniel Adam,  NSW
Trans Vent Spiral Tubing, CMP Manufacturing, MickleFab
MickleFab Raptor TT, Chev Gen2 V8 6000cc
DNF Engine  DNS 
Ian Terry,  Vic
Julie Terry,  Vic
Trophy Truck, Chev LS1 V8 5700cc
DNF Engine  DNS 
Class 5   -   Modified 2WD vehicles with one or two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Darran Vanderwoude,  SA
Millie & Izaak Vanderwoude,  SA
River Murray Auto Wreckers, Sprint Freight & Logistics, Mickey Thompson Tires
Holden Colorado, Holden L98 V8 6000cc
00:52:11.32500:52:30.619 00:54:18.09601:26:26.50401:09:17.52300:56:55.607606:11:39.674
Class 6   -   Super PRV having an engine capacity (inclusive of any turbo/supercharging) not less than 1201cc and not exceeding 2050cc.
Glenn Pike,  Vic
Aidan Campagnolo,  Vic

Can-Am Maverick X3, Rotax ACE 900ccT
00:50:43.77200:58:22.789 00:54:41.95700:54:22.01400:54:40.54800:53:33.330605:26:24.410
Simon Gubbins,  Vic
Ben Lugg,  Vic
Header Fronts Australia, Southern Cross Trade Group
Can-Am Maverick X3, Rotax 900ccT
01:06:20.52800:55:19.165 00:54:36.22900:56:09.70700:56:57.39500:54:16.209605:43:39.233
Scott Coulston,  Vic
Shaun Mcquienn,  Vic

SC Racing Can-Am X3, Rotax 990ccT
01:03:29.79200:56:39.151 00:56:53.94400:55:41.91600:55:41.57500:55:15.678605:43:42.056
Darren Frankling,  Vic
Rob Hackney, Ian Dalzel,  Vic
Frankling Transport
Can-Am Maveric X3RS, Rotax 3 Cyl 900ccT
01:05:55.27300:56:55.585 00:55:24.18900:56:32.96900:57:26.59800:56:39.408605:48:54.022
Chris Handley,  Vic
Jay Wintle,  Vic
Accurate Plumbing, HBR Earthworks
Can-Am Maverick X3, Rotax 980ccT
00:51:14.66201:16:02.239 00:54:03.12200:52:44.19401:00:19.59100:55:48.427605:50:12.235
Class 7   -   Stock 4WD vehicles with two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Brett Tillson,  Vic
Chris Tillson,  Vic

Nissan Patrol, Nissan TB42 4200cc
01:13:45.55501:21:57.528 01:16:44.30601:10:07.95501:11:03.30301:16:36.792607:30:15.439
Heath Weedon,  SA
Stuart Hill,  SA
GT Stump Pulling, Weedon Springs Boarding Kennel, Mickey Thompson
Nissan Patrol, Nissan TB48 4800cc
01:10:57.217DNF Oil  DNS101:10:57.217
Class 8   -   Super 4WD with an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Mick Baxter,  NSW
Ian (Eggie) Edgell,  NSW
Merino Engineering, Namiiss Gauge & Control, The Gauge Shop, Singleton Exhaust
Nissan Patrol, Chev LS1 V8 6000cc
DNF Unwell 01:04:12.49001:03:58.70301:10:04.06801:34:23.467404:52:38.728
Class 10   -   Buggies, and Truggies with one or two crew members and a naturally aspirated engine not exceeding 2500c
Travis Conrad,  Vic
Viv Rockliff,  Vic
TKC Engineering, Samba Metal Works, Racer Imports, Quality Metal Solutions
Southern Cross Mk 5, Honda K24 2400cc
00:48:38.80100:55:57.876 00:49:27.94201:15:56.47200:50:34.88500:51:46.879605:32:22.855
Steven (Bowie) Graham,  NSW
Daryl (Chick) Graham,  NSW
Graham Farming, Neill Automotive Port Augusta, Race Trans, F&RN McNabb
Alumi Craft, Honda K24 2400cccc
00:44:34.72500:44:34.989 00:45:34.96300:45:08.16400:45:46.050DNF DveShaft503:45:38.891
Rod Visser,  Vic
Kodi Visser,  Vic
Comfab Product
Alumi Craft Stadium, Honda K24 2400cc
00:48:52.37000:48:42.985 00:48:25.42000:48:54.853DNS CV Boot403:14:55.628
Josh Gaskin,  Vic
Lee O'Grady,  Vic

Southern Cross Mk5.5, Honda K24 2400cc
DNF 00:51:27.49501:08:45.871DNS Electric202:00:13.366
Branden Pearce,  Vic
Dion Duvoisin,  Vic
Foster Fyans Automotive, Racer Imports, Shane Cottee Desert Prep, Pinned Motorst
Spizzo Hornet, Nissan SR20 2000cc
Brendan Forssman,  Vic
Ryco, Repco, NGK, Karcher, Castrol, Gates, DBA, Mickey Thompson, AA Gaskets
Sigma, Nissan SR20 2400cc
Tanner James,  Vic
Jamesprint, Shane Wilson Race Engines
Alumi Craft Aussie Spec, GM Ecotec 2400cc
DNF Hit Tree  DNS 
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