Waikerie Hotel ARB Riverland 300 Waikerie Hotel ARB Riverland 300
Round 4 - 2018 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Round 1 - 2018 Element Off Road AORRA SA Off Road Racing Championship
Round 4 - 2018 ARB SAORRA Multi Club Series
Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2018

Element Off Road AORRA SA Off Road Racing Championship
Pos   Car   Points
Co-Driver, Navigator
Vehicle, Engine
Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5 (Allowance)
Laps Total Time
Class 1   -   Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and naturally aspirated engines not exceeding 3500c
Lindsay Foster,  SA
Pete Vorwerk, Gail Foster,  SA
Sunhill Bulk Transport, RC Hobby Zone, Sprint Freight & Logistics
Jimco 2000 Series, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
00:40:29.83000:39:17.50200:40:02.58800:41:18.89800:42:08.800 503:23:17.618
David Hall,  SA
Nathan Hall,  SA
Gotcha Glass
Murphy, Nissan VQ35 V6 3500cc
00:41:06.63200:40:53.92200:40:25.670DNF Axle 302:02:26.224
George Metaxas,  WA
Brett Mortimer,  WA
SS Racetech Stealth, Nissan VQ35 V6 3498cc
Stopped  00:00:00.000
Class 2   -   Buggies and Truggies with two crew members and an engine capacity not exceeding 1650cc.
Daniel Wells,  Vic
Luc Price,  Vic
Glendaren Auto Panels, Intense Industries Australia, PMD Race Products, Hertz
Bunderson Off Road, Toyota 4AGE20V 1600cc
00:43:52.56100:43:09.37100:43:11.77100:43:55.02500:45:17.690 503:39:26.418
Hadyn Vanstone,  SA
Neil Vanstone,  SA
Barossa Earthworks, Chooks Custom Graphics, Driveline by Clive, Vinetech
Penhall VW, VW 1650cc
00:47:56.41500:47:08.02900:47:06.200Stopped 302:22:10.644
Tyson Proud,  SA
Chris Proud,  SA
Proud Race Engines, Chris Proud Services, Diverse TransportFab
Proud Motorsport Tyrant, Toyota 4AGE 20V 1649cc
00:43:51.71100:42:14.050DNF Steering 201:26:05.761
Class 4   -   Wild 2WD with one or two crew members and an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Carl Haby,  SA
Aaron Haby,  SA
Tough-as Products, Mannum Auto Centre, Mickey Thompson Tyres
Geiser Bros Trophy Truck, Chev LS2 V8 6000cc
00:40:44.99000:37:54.70100:37:57.93600:38:17.24300:38:24.709 503:13:19.579
Class 5   -   Modified 2WD vehicles with one or two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Darran Vanderwoude,  SA
Daniel Ziembinski, Amelia Vandewoud,  SA
River Murray Auto Wreckers, Sprint Freight & Logistics, Mickey Thompson Tires
Holden Colorado, Holden L98 V8 6000cc
00:42:09.94700:43:01.62500:41:31.42600:41:52.95600:42:58.921 503:31:34.875
Bernie Clohesy,  Vic
Stuart Amos,  Vic
Mallee Printers, G&K Repairs, Staceys Auto, Advanced Engine Dynamics
Mitsubishi Triton, Chev L98 V8 6000cc
00:42:48.77900:42:10.29200:42:21.13400:42:52.64600:43:19.353 503:33:32.204
Chris Pickert,  SA
Bryan Brown, Andy Maxwell,  SA
Anything Cars, Falken Tyres, Whyalla 4WD Tyre and Service Centre, Wyalla Excavat
Mitsubishi Triton, Holden LS1 V8 5700cc
00:44:27.96900:43:26.347DNF FuelCell 201:27:54.316
Class 6   -   Super PRV having an engine capacity (inclusive of any turbo/supercharging) not less than 1201cc and not exceeding 2050cc.
Roydn Bailey,  SA
Lochlan Bailey,  SA
Ronco Motors, BRP, Can-Am, JAKK Contracting
Can-Am Maverick X RC, Rotax ACE 900 900ccT
00:44:44.48800:43:05.46300:42:41.91900:44:36.25900:45:02.121 503:40:10.250
Scott Tymkin,  Vic
Matt Dillon,  Vic
Darmac Ag, Can-Am, Enkipools, Paul R Productions
Cam-Am Maverick X3 XRS, Rotax ACE 900ccT
00:43:54.55200:42:57.01200:43:00.17100:43:53.10800:54:20.712 503:48:05.555
Class 7   -   Stock 4WD vehicles with two crew members and an engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Jason Forssman,  Vic
Del Palmer,  Vic
#oricom4x4motorsport #oricom #oricomuhf #rycofilters4x4motorsport
Nissan Patrol, Nissan TB42 4200cc
00:53:52.22700:56:07.662DNS Service 201:49:59.889
Class 8   -   Super 4WD with an engine not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines
Kerry Turley,  NSW
Stephanie Turley,  NSW
BFGoodrich Off Road Centres, Supercharge Batteries, Monster Seal Tyre Sealant
Nissan Patrol, Chev L98 V8 6000cc
00:51:12.20700:53:06.54300:50:20.56900:56:36.47600:50:03.662 504:21:19.457
        A   =   ARB         S   =   Element AORRA SA Champ         B   =   ARB & Element AORRA SA Champ
        Y   =   ARB & SAORRA Multi Club         M   =   SAORRA Multi Club   (3 laps)           Z   =   SAORRA Multi Club & All Laps    
        X   =   ARB & Element & SAORRA Multi Club             O   =   Element AORRA SA Champ & SAORRA Multi Club             D   =   No Points - All Laps    
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